Redemption Booth Customer Service Officer (at Public Libraries) Part Time Contract


The job scope is as follows:

1)     Guide users on redemption procedures of NLB’s reading promotion

2)     Interact with users and answer enquiries relating to the reading promotion

3)     Need to execute administrative duties such as checking and stamping of loan receipts, stocktaking, setting up and tearing down of redemption booth

Job Requirements

1)     Able to communicate in English and a Mother Tongue

2)     Able to work on weekends from 7 Jan to 26 Mar 2017

3)     Able to work on weekends on shifts from 10am to 9pm or 11am to 9pm depending on the opening hours of the library

4)     Minimum qualifications: O level

5)     Staff will be paid at $8/hour

Date posted: 29 Nov 2016 Closing date: 07 Dec 2016


  • Job Title: Redemption Booth Customer Service Officer (at Public Libraries)
  • Work Type: Part Time Contract
  • Location:
  • Categories: Admin - Customer Service Assistant / Receptionist 
  • Rate: $8 - $0 / month
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