Admin Officer Hourly Paid

/ East
  1. Assist in the stock take of Admin Inventory such as stationery, toners, beverages, bottled water, NLB collaterals and etc
  2. Assist in tracking the routine maintenance of common office equipment (photocopiers & water dispensers)
  3. Conduct weekly checks on meeting rooms in LSC
  4. Pulping:

Prepare and consolidate the CS pulping list for follow-up and approval of pulping exercise

  1. Assist in the logistics for Visits, including the following:
    • Signages are put up to welcome visitors
    • AV system is set-up properly
    • Refreshments/Beverages/Tables / Chairs are arranged neatly
    • Assist in taking and uploading photos for visits/ events
  2. LSC Hotline & Intercomm:

Man LSC hotline and Intercomm

  1. Assets


Assist to verify physical items against consolidated list for condemnation and follow-up on condemnation exercise.

Issue of official items

  1. Provide logistics support for RDM Townhall & communication sessions
  2. Resilience:
    • Manage and update inventory for personal protection equipment (PPE)

Carry out the following divisional HR functions, meeting the expected performance, deliverables of these functions.

  • Casual Staff Recruitment
    1. Carry out the full recruitment spectrum for casual staff, from verification of user’s requests, sourcing & shortlisting of candidates, security clearance, arranging interview, confirmation of employment till staff reporting for work & resignation.
    2. Management of employment agencies with HR on the administration and work processes.
    3. Facilitate casual staff 1st day at work.
    4. Handle staff contracts including contract renewals and resignation
    5. Facilitate staff performance cases HR covering counseling or coaching or termination
    6. Housekeep HR documentation (soft/hard copies) / filing of records and its maintenance in designated depositories


  • Casual Staff Payroll Processing
    1. Process payroll from submission, verification to approval of timesheets
    2. Track the validity of manpower PO(s) and ensure availability of PO(s) for payment
    3. Track the invoicing and payment of the recruitment agencies
    4. Track monthly expenditure of various funds so as to keep within the approved budget


  • Staff Welfare Benefits
    1. Carry out the administration of staff welfare benefits such as gifts in kind for retirees, hospitalization etc.


  • Staff-in-Limelight
    1. Carry out the administration & submission of staff compliments
    2. Prepare reports for submission
  • Assist to draft standard templates/forms and guidelines for corporate services function (such as security or projects)
  • Assist to provide administrative and logistics support for projects (such as Internet Surfing Separation Project)
  • Perform other miscellaneous duties assigned.


Job Requirements

(A) Skills:

  • Relevant experience in HR and administration work
  • Preferably with prior experience working in government agency
  • Skills in interpreting user/clients information needs
  • Good command of English and communication skills (writing and speaking)
  • Strong team player, good networking skills
  • Meticulous, analytical, organized


(B)Relevant experience requirement


(C) Personal Characteristics:

1) Pleasant and cheerful disposition with a good working attitude

2) Self-motivated

3) Possess attention to detail

4) Organised and neat in work

5) Possess initiative

6) Able to commit fully


Date posted: 04 Apr 2017 Closing date: 06 Apr 2017


  • Job Title: Admin Officer
  • Work Type: Hourly Paid
  • Location: East
  • Categories: Admin - Admin Assistant / Officer 
  • Rate: $0 - $0 / month
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